Diablo Pro Tankbag Giant Loop Plus DIY Customization

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Diablo Pro Tankbag Giant Loop

There are many types of luggage systems for different needs, but the tankbag is the tool of choice for immediate access to small gear. Giant Loop’s Diablo tankbag was designed with dual sport motorcycles and off-road usage in mind. The 4-liter bag is the smaller brother of Giant Loop’s Fandango Pro 8-liter tankbag, with similar design and styling.

The system has two parts: a base harness that mounts to the frame over the seat and has a lower zipper, and a storage unit bag that attaches to the base harness with an upper zipper. Attaching the base to the motorcycle’s frame is easy and done with three adjustable straps—one around the triple clamp tube and two on each side of the chassis. The thick zipper enables an easy and quick connection to the harness. It is equally easy to disconnect the bag for fueling or for carrying it with a handle when leaving the motorcycle unattended.

The bag itself has a few useful features. Inside, there’s a soft, moveable divider that’s easy to relocate with fabric fasteners, similar to how camera bags are internally divided. The outer material is durable and water-resistant, and there’s an inner waterproof dry pod for extra protection in case of heavy rainfall. The top has a clear vinyl map holder that’s large enough to contain pens, ear plugs, and a toll road device. There are a few small internal and external mesh pockets. The solution is very lightweight since the bag doesn’t have the heavy, rigid plastic base that’s common with other gas-tank ring-based attachment systems. It’s possible to securely insert an electric charging cable through a rubber opening without compromising the weather sealing. Two optional 2-liter pannier pockets can attach to the sides of the base harness.

I rode many miles with the Diablo Pro on my Husqvarna 701 Enduro, both on- and off-road, in some rough conditions, with my expensive Sony Alpha mirrorless camera and lens carried in the bag; not one grain of dust or water entered the inner space. I had complete faith that the bag wouldn’t disconnect and roll off in case of a drop, which I cannot say about other solutions that are using a single-mount gas-tank ring. It was very easy to pull my gear within seconds while sitting, then store it back and keep riding with minimum delays.

The biggest compliment I can give is that I never felt the tankbag as I sat down, stood up on pegs, or leaned to the sides. The ergonomics and dimensions were clearly designed by a dirt rider. It would be nice to have two more inner compartment dividers. A bit longer version, if existed, would allow carrying longer zoom lenses.

$255, $354 with pannier pockets

Customized tankbag for cameraDIY Project: Customizing for a Camera
When I’m traveling or on assignment I need to carry my Sony mirrorless Alpha camera with me. Storing the camera in a camera bag inside the Giant Loop Diablo Pro tankbag turned out to be a cumbersome arrangement. I wished I had a solution customized for my needs—something that fit inside the tankbag while securing the expensive photography gear. Such a thing didn’t exist off the shelf, but instead of giving up I reverted to a do-it-yourself approach.

I purchased an $18 pre-cubed foam tray (about 12 x 12 x 2.75 inches) that included an uncut thin bottom layer. I positioned the entire foam block below the tankbag and marked the outline with a pen, then removed foam strips until I got an initial rough shape of the tankbag. I placed the camera on top of the foam block and traced the outline contour of the camera and lens, and then removed more strips to create a camera-shaped hole.

After placing the foam template and thin bottom layer back into the tankbag, I positioned the camera inside the template, and it was a perfect fit. The camera sat securely in the tankbag, padded softly by the surrounding foam.







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