RoadRUNNER Rides Custom Route Tutorial

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The RoadRUNNER Rides app is packed with rich features that enhance your touring experience. With voice guidance and turn-by-turn directions along with more than 600 pre-loaded motorcycle trips to choose from, you have everything you need to plan your next epic tour.

But that’s not all.

You can also create your own custom routes inside the app. This tutorial will show you how. Be sure to watch the video as well!


Before starting you need to be logged in. Simple check: Look at the welcome screen in the middle. Does it say “login” or “log out?” Make sure you have downloaded the state map(s) your tour will be in. You can do this under the Maps menu, at the top left.


After opening the RoadRUNNER Rides app, choose the “RidePlan” option in the menu on the home screen. To find or start at a specific location or address, tap the “Ride Plan” button (the button in the far right of the bottom menu). 

Once you select “RidePlan,” you’ll see a map with a crosshair in the center. Zoom in and out with your fingers to find and select your starting location. 

Line the crosshairs up with the starting location you’ve chosen, then tap on “Start” in the menu at the top of the screen.


There is no limit to the number of via points you can use to create your route. From simple, straightforward routes to complex tours, you can do it all in the RoadRUNNER Rides app.


RoadRUNNER Rides App screen with labelsAfter tapping “Start,” mark the starting location in the crosshairs. You can then begin creating your route by tapping the “Via” button (in the top menu between “Start” and “End”). This option allows you to place via points on specific roads. Use as many via points as needed to ensure your route stays on the intended roads. 

To ensure accuracy when creating your route, zoom in as close as possible when placing your via points. Your points should be placed directly on a road, and not off to the side, or worse, the wrong direction on a highway.

The app will automatically choose a road between via points (the fastest route by default). If you wish to change the road the app chooses, tap the “Undo” button (on the right side of the screen) and add a via point on your desired road. This will force the route to follow the intended road.

Continue adding via points to construct your route until you’ve reached your desired result. 

To reorder or delete individual via points, open up the slider on the right (the black tab with a white arrow on the right-hand side of the screen). This is especially helpful if you have already placed a lot of via points and can no longer use the “Undo” feature.


Tip: To change a via point, you have to delete it and add a new one. You can’t drag and drop points. Be sure to check your route periodically, as you go along.

Once you have placed your last via point, tap the “End” button in the top menu (beside the “Via” button) to create an endpoint. This will let the app know the route is complete.

If you decide you want to reverse the direction of your route, you can easily change it by tapping the “Reverse Route” button (below the Undo/Redo button on the right).

Once you’ve made all your final touches, save the route by tapping the “Save Route” button (the last button in the right-hand menu). Name your tour and then click OK. 

Your custom route is now saved in the app and is ready for navigation. To find a route you created, go to the “Tour” screen, select “My tours” from the dropdown menu, locate your custom tour, and you’re ready to ride.

If you are a premium subscriber and want to follow one of our pre-loaded routes, simply find the tour (see our video tutorial on searching for routes) you’d like to follow, hit save, and when you’re ready, tap the “start” button.

Not a subscriber yet? We offer a full two-week, no-obligation trial. Give it a spin!

Stay tuned for more tutorials and updates on future features!

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