On the Road Impression of the Scorpion Exo Ultra Covert Jeans

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Scorpion Exo Ultra Covert Jeans

Scorpion Ultra Covert JeanFinally! Wear-anywhere riding pants that are truly appropriate for daily use in virtually any context. Scorpion Exo’s Ultra Covert Jean is a denim-style pant made with Cordura and Kevlar that features a unique, single-layer construction. This means you get the benefit of protective gear without the added bulk from an inner lining, which makes these pants feel similar to regular jeans. The low profile, abrasion-resistant Sas-Tec armor is both ideally positioned and does not adversely affect the fit or performance of the pants while walking or riding. I also appreciated the breathability the jeans provided while on and off the bike.

Roughly 100 miles of rain were included in my first test ride wearing these jeans. I assumed they would soak up the sheets of rain in short order like other denim-style riding jeans I’ve worn, but I was pleasantly surprised. I remained dry for much longer than expected. I later learned they feature a water-resistant coating. While intended for misty days, they were surprisingly effective in the Midwest downpours I encountered.

I would consider the Scorpion Exo’s Ultra Covert Jeans the wardrobe equivalent of “dual sport.” They are ideal for casual daily wear and up to the task of a trans-state ride.

Sizes: S – 3XL



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