Ogio Baja: 2L Hydration Pack

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Ogio Baja: 2L Hydration PackIt can get extremely hot and humid on the black asphalt, and you can work up a thirst quickly. Keeping bottles of water in the tankbag is easy enough, but you can drink safely only when stopped. Sometimes the trip goes on an on, and you stay thirsty. Perhaps you’re riding a dual sport motorcycle, or a bike without a tankbag and storage space, but you need to store some food, tools, wallet, etc. If you’re lucky, your adventure riding jacket might have a built-in hydration pack, but the water in it could get warm quickly.

Ogio Powersports, whose line of soft luggage includes backpacks, duffel bags, and hydration backpacks, has a solution. The Baja 2-liter hydration pack is positioned in the Goldilocks zone between the smaller and lighter Erzberg 1-liter hydration pack and the larger and heavier 3-liter Atlas and Dakar models. The Baja is not too big and not too small.

The pack sits high and tight on the back and integrates seamlessly with the body, unlike the hydration pack of my adventure jacket that sits lower in the center and moves and drags around quite a bit. Other packs that have straight straps and buckles are stationary and fixed in place, which can cause discomfort and pain as the body moves. But the Baja has a rotary snapping front quick disconnect lock, which is simple but ingenious. As the upper body twists, arms and hands change position, the front buckle rotates, and the straps self-adjust and remain comfortable.

The hydration bladder has a unique and functional design that is very different from the typical front opening found on bladders, which I always struggle with while adding water. On the Baja, two plastic levers firmly lock the top opening of the bladder, and once released allow for an easy fill-up all the way to the top. To keep the liquid cool for long periods of time, there is a “space blanket” type of isolation material padding the bladder compartment.

Ogio Baja: 2L Hydration Pack for motorcyclistsThe front compartment is large enough to hold some accessories and has small internal mesh pockets. Another smaller top compartment, which is padded with soft felt, can store electronics or sunglasses without risk of scratching them. Expandable side mesh pockets provide quick access to bottles and other items. The front mesh compartment is open but expandable with straps; large items, such as a thin jacket, can be squeezed in as the day warms up and clothing layers are removed.

The mouthpiece rotates to lock at 0 degrees and open at 90 degrees, which is more convenient with a full helmet compared with other straight mouthpieces I’ve tried that are difficult to drink from while riding, because they are blocked by the helmet.

The only caveat I found is that the front buckle and straps have limited adjustability; I had to set it to the maximum so the pack could fit me. Arguably, with my extra-large and tall body type, I’m not a typical rider, but I suspect that anyone with a very large chest diameter (3XL+) would find it problematic or impossible to wear the Baja.

I’ve ridden with Ogio Baja for long hours on my Husqvarna 701 Enduro. It worked very well and did a fantastic job keeping me properly hydrated with cool liquids, while storing some energy bars, a jacket, and my wallet. There’s very good value for the price plus plenty of features and high quality materials. The best thing is that I stopped noticing it is on me after a while.





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