Light and Airy Meets Safe and Sound

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Hit-Air VHR Light Weight Airbag Vest and Bohn Armor All-Season Airtex Riding Shirt

When the weather runs hot and humid, as it does for a long stretch of time particularly in the southern U.S., motorcyclists face an ongoing conundrum—how do we remain cool, yet still ride with protective gear? Two promising products on the market aim to provide a solution when used in combination, keeping you safe and comfortable.

The Hit-Air VHR Light Weight Fast Inflation airbag vest protects your neck, chest, back, and even tailbone when deployed. A coiled wire attaches to both the motorcycle and the vest with an easy snap. The wire lanyard wraps around your bike’s frame underneath the seat. In the event of an accident, or if you’re separated from the motorcycle, the air cushion instantly inflates within 0.18 of a second or less. The coiled wire pulls a “key ball” out of a gas-release system and inert gas from a 60cc cartridge inflates the air cushion. The inflated vest provides significant impact protection and immobilization of the head and neck region. Optional back, chest, and side protectors are also available for $40 each.

If you don’t get the optional protectors, then you can combine the Hit-Air vest with a Bohn All-Season Airtex Armored Riding Shirt for further protection. The shirt features comfortable mid-weight mesh panels with CE-Level 1 armor inserts (removable for easy laundering) to keep your forearms, elbows, back, and shoulders protected. The lightweight and low-profile armor is very comfortable as it molds around your body. You can wear it by itself or under an airbag vest like we tested, to provide a greater level of safety while staying cool in hot weather.

If you want an inconspicuous look, the Hit-Air vest provides a black model that blends well with the Bohn riding shirt, which comes in black, red/black, orange, white/blue, and high viz.

So if you’ve ever wondered about how to crack the code for finding the ideal combination of riding in comfort when it’s hot and humid while feeling safe and sound, these products are quite the purposeful match.

Hit-Air VHR Light Weight Fast Inflation
Price: $529.00, Sizes: S-3XL

Bohn Armor All-Season Airtex Shirt
Price: $159.00, Sizes: S-2XL

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