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Waypoints Vol. 1, Zen Motorcyclist book

In this 48-page collection of essays, Waypoints, Volume I: Zen Motorcyclist, motojournalist Bud Miller touchingly and eloquently shares introspections and lessons learned during his more than 200,000 miles traveled on a motorcycle. Although his writings originated from the metaphorical waypoints visited along his riding journeys, riders and nonriders alike will find plenty to enjoy in these meditations on life, loss, and love, stories that center around the commonalities that unite and bond not just motorcyclists but everyone.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” —HOWARD THURMAN

I like the mental exercise of thinking and writing about the ways in which motorcycling has made me come alive. Riding started for me as an exercise in redirecting pain from a loss. It has become so much more and has been a conduit of change that has allowed me to become more rounded and open—and to seek challenge rather than retreat from it…


What’s Inside:

Motorcycles Are Dangerous
Coming Alive
Four Legs, Two Wheels and a Grateful Heart
You Can Go Home Again.
Kindness and Familiarity of Strangers
When My Ship Comes In
Lost (and Found)
A Little Bit of Everything
Do What You Love
More Alike
The Cure for Grief
Halfway to Somewhere
“To Feel Normal Again
Every Time I Turn Around
Dandelion Rides
Beautiful and Broken
The Best Lessons
Better Shared
If I’m Right, Smile
Company Along the Way
Old Is New Again
The Lotus
It’s What We Do
The Glass is Beautiful

Bud Miller

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