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Continental Trail Attack 3 tire

Continental’s Trail Attack 3 was first unveiled at last fall’s EICMA show in Milan, Italy. We attended the world press launch test ride on the lovely historic isle of Crete, Greece’s largest island. The new Trail Attack 3 was designed to handle the high demands imposed by the latest powerful adventure-touring motorcycles, and be more compatible with all the electronic modes of these new machines, such as traction control and cornering ABS.

Following in the tracks of the Trail Attack 2, a number of innovations make the Trail Attack 3 well suited for moderate adventure riding and everyday use. It retains its 90% street/10% off-road pattern design capabilities, has a more aggressive tread pattern than the previous model, and features many “Continental core technologies,” including TractionSkin for quick break-in, MultiGrip (allows a homogenous grip grading with a single compound thanks to temperature controlled tire curing), ZeroDegree (0-degree steel belted construction, for stability at high speeds), and RainGrip (rubber compound for superior wet grip and higher mileage).

This is a tire well suited for the majority of adventure bike riders who rarely venture onto anything more rustic than an occasional graded dirt or gravel road. Rewards of foregoing the large, aggressive knobbies include longer, even wear, greater stability, and less tire noise.

Continental reports that the Trail Attack 3 has a short warm-up run of less than a mile to reach its optimum operating temperature.

The Test Ride
As the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished!” Continental crews had diligently scouted the mountainous countryside of Crete and mapped out an exciting test ride route that would take us from the beaches all the way up to the snow-capped peaks, and back, in a day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, as a violent storm pelted Crete with epic downpours, which washed away roads and bridges, and huge boulders and landslides blocked roads. It continued to rain heavily on our riding day and the weather damage to the roads called for some major changes in our route.

Despite the fact that we didn’t follow the entire original route that was laid out for us, we certainly had a good chance to test the wet-weather capabilities of the Trail Attack 3 tires. They evacuate a lot of water, preventing hydroplaning and allowing the rubber to grip the road. Wet or dry, I found the new Trail Attack 3 tires instill confidence when cornering and braking, especially in an aggressive manner on twisty roads. Low- and high-speed handling and straight-line stability are excellent. The tires are quiet on the road and smooth-riding with no noticeable vibration, a lot different than aggressive tread designs used on some adventure-bike tires. However, keep in mind they are not intended for deep sand or mud.

Although I wasn’t able to test for wear rates, I tested the previous generation Trail Attack 2 tires for their full service life and found them to last thousands of miles longer than more aggressive tread designs. Based on the independent testing already done, it appears that the Trail Attack 3 will continue this legacy, and deliver even longer wear. Overall, I found it to be a well- designed, quality tire that should provide excellent service to the majority of adventure-bike riders who spend most of their riding time on pavement.
Trail Attack 3 tires are available in both radial and bias ply construction in a wide variety of sizes to fit most popular adventure motorcycles.

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