Epic Motorcycle Fail: Stuck Like Chuck

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Epic motorcycle fails, bike stuck in the mud.

Photojournalist Luke Swab has always had an adventurous side. And most the time, his adventures are epic successes. But when he decided to take a solo ride through Mexico with plans of camping along the way in 2009, things went a little bit awry. On the first day of the trip, he chose a beautiful spot on the beach near the Oso Bridge in Corpus Christi.

Luke rode down the beach a bit and found a small island just a few inches from the shore. Perfect campsite, right? Maybe if you always wanted to bury your bike in wet sand. When he started crossing over to the island, his bike began to sink, but Luke’s adventurous spirit was high and his determination even higher. He hit the gas in an attempt to turn around and escape the mud. Well, it turns out sinking bikes and whisky throttle don’t mix. At this point, he jumped off the bike and removed his luggage, still thinking he had everything under control. With the motorcycle a few pounds less, he gave it more gas—in hopes the bike would finally break free. This only made it worse. The exhaust was only a few inches from the mud and the back wheel was completely sunk. To add insult to injury, Luke had no smartphone, so he had to dial 411 to find the number to a local tow truck service.

The tow truck driver (Frank) came to Luke’s rescue close to 1 a.m. in the morning. Frank had seen a lot of things in his day, even pulled a whale out of the sand—but never a motorcycle.

Epic fail. Yes. But it also resulted in Luke taking a picture that would end up being one of his favorite photos of all time. And of course, it was a valuable lesson he’ll never forget and one we can all laugh about now that it’s over.

Stay tuned for more epic fails from our motorcycle journalists. Got one of your own you’d like to share? Post it and tag #epicfail on FB!



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