BMW Enduroguard Riding Suit

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BMW Enduroguard Riding Suit BMW’s new Enduroguard suit is a good cross between their Rallye-Pro ADV suits and traditional touring gear. The Enduroguard is a waterproof off-road riding suit that also handles the demands of long-distance road riding with equal effectiveness. Constructed of a thick, high abrasion-resistant material developed in conjunction with Schoeller Textil AG, the suit offers plenty of flexibility and all-day riding comfort. The breathable three-layer laminate is wind- and waterproof, with plenty of venting and all-around circulation in the jacket provided by generous zippered openings that allow for tailoring it to changing temperatures and weather conditions. The double-layer zippered front opening ensures tight, wind-free closure.

NP2 protectors fit at critical points: back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees (adjustable via simple Velcro strips). Mesh lining in the jacket and pants allots a degree of cooling in the heat, and warmth in the cold. Eight pockets (seven waterproof) in the jacket, with relatively easy access even with gloves on, and three in the pants (one exclusively for keys) provide plenty of safe space for the wallet, money, maps, cell phone, etc.

Leather pads on the inside of the knees offer grip against the fuel tank. Jacket and pant can be joined by a heavy-duty connector waist zipper. Highly reflective strips are sewn into the jacket for visibility at night and in foggy or rainy conditions.

Jacket and Pant:
Price: $949, $649
Sizes: men: 46-66, 98-118, 24-32 women: 34-38, 72-88, 18-22
Colors: gray, black

Review: Jeff Buchanan

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