British Motorcycle Gear Legend Jacket and Knox Micro-Lock Armor

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British Motorcycle GearWhen the company reached out a year ago about a brand-new jacket they wanted us to test in preproduction we happily obliged. With a few cruisers and vintage bikes still in the stable, I spent the summer and fall riding around in what is now called the Legend jacket. Although the 1.4mm cowhide leather jacket style recalls the ’50s, way before my time, the classic look isn’t lost on me. Maybe leather jackets aren’t quite as cool as they were back then, but they still elicit a reaction in the beholder. It is a motorcycle jacket first and foremost. In the colder months, I found myself keeping it on for more reasons, though. Fits well, looks good, and that leather smell never gets old. The jacket features pre-curved sleeves with shoulders at an angle suited to sitting on a bike reaching for the grips. Nothing pulls, nothing bunches up. In oppressively hot climates it’s not the best choice, but in the Southeast, it’s a great spring and fall option. The overlapping front allows for several looks using a combination of zippers and snaps. Open flap, snapped to the sides for a casual look. No snaps and zippered up all the way for serious on-the-road use. The latest version of Knox armor is included for elbows and shoulders, with a back protector an option for $29.50, which I highly recommend.

Legend Jacket
Sizes: 32-56
Colors: black, brown
Price: $399.00


Knox Micro-Lock Armor
The armor in the Legend jacket needs further highlighting. It’s Knox’s latest and most advanced product. After five years in development, Micro-Lock looks like other soft armors on the market, but it’s designed to be more stable and consistent over time. The new formula keeps its flexibility and performance at various temperatures ranging from -20 to +40C (-4 to +104F). One reason I liked the Legend jacket so much is the unobtrusiveness of the protectors. Knox’s Micro-Lock elbow and shoulder inserts in particular feature super soft and flexible edges that don’t dig into the body. They also have naturally placed hinge points that allow for better movement. To protect the rider, this space-age material turns from soft to hard and energy dissipating upon impact. Micro-Lock comes with a five-year guarantee and is available to purchase for retrofitting gear you already have, as long as it fits in the insert pockets. These high-quality protectors should make British Motorcycle Gear’s Legend jacket rise up the consideration list.


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