Strider Launches new 14x Model – From Balance Bike to Pedal Bike in 5 Minutes

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Strider is the go-to brand for balance bikes, and the company has launched a new model today that transforms into a pedal bike in 5 minutes. Weighing only 12.5lbs (5.7kg) the Strider 14x weighs half of “regular” kids bikes, thus making it much easier to ride. The new model is suggested for children between 3 and 7. The most important dimension is the inseam. The 14x is for those with a 16-23″ inseam.

Every child learns at a different pace. It’s important even with this new model to start without the pedals. We tested the 14x on our resident office child.

Five-year-old Elijah started without pedals as his first two-wheeled experience ever. Less than a week and he was rolling down hills with a smile from ear to ear. Mounting the pedals took five minutes. With the help of the Strider guide on how to set up the bike and start pedaling, along with communicating the basics of just about any sport (look where you want to go), Elijah is starting to confidently pedal. Everybody at the office has some of the fondest memories from childhood aboard bicycles, so seeing a child experience it for the first time is quite heartwarming.

Strider Goes Beyond Products

  • Education: 10 years of experience working with schools, daycares and other organizations to fine-tune the best steps for kids to learn to ride a bike. Resources include Strider Camps and the Learn-to-Ride Guides.
  • Philanthropy: Strider has donated more than $1 million since 2007, and this year created the non-profit 501(3)(c) Strider Education Foundation.
  • Events: Strider host events around the world (Russia, China, Colombia, etc), including the Strider Cup Series, which gets kids – and their families – excited about a healthy, outdoor activity.

The Strider 14x is available in either blue or green and retails for $209 (free shipping).


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