Product Review: Dainese Veloster Perforated Suit

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Dainese’s Veloster, a mid-range race suit, weighs in at just over 10 pounds. With perforated leather panels around the torso and on the front above the knees, it provided much-needed airflow when tested at the famous Motorland Aragón racetrack near Alcañiz, Spain.

The suit is made up of Tutu leather, a cowhide that has gone through water-repellent treatment and has good resistance to abrasion, tears, and traction. The thickness is around 1.2 millimeters and it feels soft. On the backside of the legs, the inside of the arms, and on the outside of the stomach, the bi-axial elasticated fabric (known as S1) provides flexibility and airflow. The liner is fully removable, which simplifies the cleaning process. The suit has an inside pocket on the left side, which is perfect for holding a wallet.

The Veloster has a sporty fit. The cut is not overly aggressive and allows for comfort even when walking around with it zippered up. There was no break-in period, due to its sizing and strategically placed accordion panels. The sizing does leave room for back and chest protectors, though when using both, the suit will drift toward a snugger race fit.

There are protectors in the shoulders, elbows, forearms, knees, and shins. Detailed technical information is available for each on Dainese’s site, and just like listening to a foreign-language love song, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling without truly understanding what’s going on. Thus I’m glad the appropriate safety authorities deemed the Veloster as CE Level 2 certified, and I give my seal of approval for comfort. Even after three consecutive days wearing the suit at the track, I had no chafe marks or pressure points.

Dainese developed a “Pro In” series of gloves and boots that can be worn underneath the suit. The idea is to reduce weight and decrease the chance of gear getting caught on something during a crash. The Veloster has a Velcro patch for connecting a Pro In boot, and a second zipper to expand the leg opening to fit the boot. Unfortunately, the suit is not compatible with Pro In gloves.

The Veloster is a good choice for weekend warriors who will wear it all day while riding curvy backroads, as well as for track day enthusiasts. It also doesn’t hurt that color options like fluorescent red make it a real looker.

Dainese Veloster Perforated Suit
Price: $1,099.95
Sizes: 44 – 60
Colors: black/white/red, black/anthracite/white, white/black/blue

Review: Manuel Neuhauser


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