Metzeler Roadtec O1 Tires

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roadtec 01 tires

Metzeler’s new Roadtec 01 sport-touring tire, which replaces the Roadtec Z8 Interact, was designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of motorcycles, riding styles, and weather. Metzeler paid particular attention to enhancing the tires’ grip on wet and low-friction surfaces, and increasing mileage.

Up front, the tires use a 100-percent silica rubber compound to ensure grip during braking. Meanwhile, the rear tires use a dual compound, with 100-percent silica on the tread’s shoulder portions, and a mix of silica and carbon black in the central band for longer mileage. These compounds evolved from the Z8. The completely new tread design, specifically the groove geometry and positioning, promote long-lasting performance.

In addition to the standard Roadtec 01, “heavyweight motorcycle” (HWM) versions are available. These are not an enhanced version of the standard 01, rather a means of bringing the tires’ performance to a wider array of motorcycles. Instead of the single ply on the standard tire, the HWM options employ a sturdier two-ply rear construction, plus a stiffer casing and flank material, and a different front rubber compound. Front HWM tires are two-ply like the standard version, providing greater wear and stability for heavier bikes loaded down with luggage and pillion. The HWM tires are also designed to reduce vibrations on difficult surfaces.

You can find the Roadtec 01 at Metzeler dealers in a number of sizes. To learn more, visit


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