Product Review: Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels

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Asphalt & DirtFifty bikers, 50 stories. In 2014, writer Aaron Heinrich launched the website Asphalt & Dirt with the intent of changing the public’s perception about the stereotypical “biker.” Using the site as a storytelling vehicle, he published 50 stories about people with a passion for riding. Now those stories are available in one book, Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels.

Featuring a colorful mix of builders, former racers, industry leaders, adventurers, and everyday riders, the book tells stories that are meant to inspire and entertain. There’s Chris Van Dyke, son of Dick Van Dyke, who rode and built motorcycles well into his 20s before his famous father found out. Greg Hollinger, business partner of Keanu Reeves and co-founder of ARCH Motorcycle, was raised by a single mom, raced bikes, and even tried acting before becoming a custom builder. No two stories are the same.

Riders and non-riders alike will find something of interest in the book. “Who doesn’t like to read a good story about someone who’s done something you wouldn’t or approached their life in a way that you might not?” said Heinrich. “Owning or riding a motorcycle is a common element in the book, but that becomes secondary to what the people in each story do with them and the part motorcycles have played in where they are today.”

Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels
Price: $22.95


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