Product Review: HJC FG-17 Helmet

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This is a quality lid at an affordable price. Weighing 3.53 pounds, it won’t leave you with a sore neck at the end of a long day ride, and its scoop-top intake vent combines with rear exit vents to pull heat out of the helmet’s interior. A chin bar provides interior airflow, helping to eliminate shield fogging.

The FG-17 gets its DNA from HJC’s RPHA, but costs nearly $100 less. Its shield is anti-fog with a scratch-resistant hard coating and is Pinlock prepared—meaning you’ll need to purchase the Pinlock lens separately. And for $39.99, it’s one of the best upgrades to a helmet. Installation is easy.

On highways in particular, noise is what you’d expect. You will want to pop in earplugs as with all helmets out there. Padding is removable and washable, made with Silvercool antibacterial moisture-wicking material. Get it in standard black, white or silver, or stand out with one of the FG-17’s brightly colored designs. Snell and DOT approved, it’s an ideal choice for commuters and beginners.

Price: $189.99 – $239
Sizes: XS – 3XL
Colors: black, matte black, white, silver, Banshee, Valhalla, Thrust, Flutura, Mamba

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