RoadRUNNER Project Bike: 2015 Suzuki GSX-S750

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Comparatively small, very agile, smooth, and very fun to ride. Out of the box the GSX-S750 is a solid motorcycle considering it costs about $8,500, but it won’t win any awards. There’s just nothing fancy worth drooling over. Yet it still provides the exhilaration curve-devouring junkies desire. After a season with the stock setup, I wondered how a few new bits and pieces would affect the ride and hold up for touring duty. The following parts and accessories cost about $1,200.

Rizoma Radial RS Mirrors
Part: BS132B
Price: $125

To get warmed up, we replaced the mirrors. It’s the first time any of us had seen and installed a product from Rizoma, an Italian company that also sells its parts and accessories in North America. The catalog already looked very high-end, but we were blown away by the finish of the mirrors (and the license plate support). Nicely packaged, the mirrors seem like a real bargain considering the price and quality. We chose them to lower the look of the motorcycle. The stock mirrors were rather tall and plastic. The Rizoma universal mirrors are much lower and are made of beautifully 3D machined billet aluminum. Field of view remained about the same as the stock ones.

Rizoma FOX License Plate Support
Part: PT408B
Price: $152.00

This whole project started out with the wish to tidy up the rear end. A fender eliminator kit, like the one from Rizoma, replaces the stock license plate holder with a shorter and better looking black billet aluminum one. Stock turn signals had to be removed and reinstalled on the Rizoma FOX license plate support. It’s best to work slowly to avoid having to do the same step twice. Wires for the license plate light and turn signal are all plug and play. Routing them through the tiny hole on the Suzuki was the trickiest part. Overall though, every mounting point lined up exactly right, and the Rizoma part perfectly replaced the stock holder.

Suzuki Rim Decals, Blue
Part: 990D0-WHEEL-BLU
Price: $19.95 for one wheel

This is the cheapest way to make a motorcycle look cool. Rim decals don’t affect the ride unless we want to claim it adds extra safety for lateral visibility. The strips come in various colors from Suzuki’s aftermarket website. One box contains six strips, three for each side of one wheel. Yes, that means one box only contains enough tape for one wheel, so buy two! Application is rather easy, but good lighting and a steady hand help. After thoroughly cleaning the rims, the pre-curved decals go on without much fuss. There’s a little overlap left that has to be cut off with a stencil or sharp knife.

Suzuki Under Cowling, Blue
Part: 94400-08810-YSF
Price: $69.95

The 2018 models have this installed already but our 2015 model didn’t. Again, this is a visual enhancement that doesn’t improve the motorcycle’s performance or handling. By adding the color-matched under cowling, it draws the eyes down. It gives the motorcycle a lower, more balanced appearance. Instead of the under cowling, a chin spoiler is available. But it only comes in white and costs $449.95. Installation was easy with good instructions. Small hands help in the last step. It’s best to do this on a lift, not on the floor.

Akrapovic Megaphone Slip-On Exhaust
Part: SM-S7S01T
Price: $379.42

The stock exhaust is big. The Megaphone saves 8.8 pounds and gives a noticeable boost in power and torque: 2.2 hp at 10,340 rpm, and 2.1 pound feet at 7,450, to be exact. As you can imagine, it’s a little noisier, too, but not as much as looks may indicate. According to Akrapovic, the stock noise level of the GSX-S750 is 88 decibels at 5,000 rpm, and with the Megaphone slip-on it increases to 102 decibels. Visually, the aftermarket exhaust opens the rear and doesn’t draw the eye to where the stock exhaust once hung out. It curves along the tire, thus blending in superbly. The rough finish of the Akrapovic exhaust adds extra style points. Check them out online. You can listen to stock and Megaphone sound samples. It’s easily one of the best moto parts websites.

Blaze Saddlebags by SW-MOTECH
Part: HTA.05.740.10600
Price: $430.90

In an effort to take this motorcycle across state lines on overnight tours, bags were in order. A tailbag was ruled out in case the wife wanted to come along, which left us with saddlebags as the only viable option. We didn’t want to clutter the rear that we worked so hard to lighten up. The Blaze provides up to 42 liters of storage and is available through Twisted Throttle. A truly genius mounting solution, its small and rather inconspicuous hardware is mounted where the passenger footpegs are bolted to the frame, and stainless steel support arms slide into them. The saddlebags are then supported by these two arms. When not in use, the motorcycle keeps its clean lines.

Text and Photography: Florian Neuhauser


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