Product Review: Kriega Duo-28 Saddlebags and Precision Motorcycle Racks

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British-based Kriega has been in the business of producing top-shelf luggage for motorbikes and riders alike since 2000. With the Duo-28 Saddlebags, the expectation for a well-designed product was already set.

The saddlebags are billed as having a universal fit to modern retro-styled bikes, and as these would be finding a home on a 2015 Triumph Thruxton 900, the pairing seemed natural. While the backside of the saddlebags is rigid, properly fitting them to the Thruxton required additional hardware. For this we chose saddlebag supports from Precision Motorcycle Racks (PMR).

PMR manufactures luggage racks and supports for a number of motorcycles, and while the primary focus is on products for adventure and dual-sport bikes, the racks for the Triumph were well designed and more than suited for the job. Installation is quick and easy, requiring minimal tools (socket wrench, torque wrench, 12 and 13mm sockets, 6mm hex bit socket, and threadlocker). The racks attach to existing points on the bike.

The bags are available in either 28-or 36-liter capacity (combined). For this test we opted for the smaller size, with each bag having a 14-liter capacity and measuring 12.2 x 12.2 x 5.9 inches. Besides the printed instructions that are included, there’s also an online video entitled “fitting instructions” that proved helpful with installation.

With a claimed 100-percent waterproof shell and roll-top closure, no rain cover is required (or included). It does take some getting used to the strap and cam buckle fastening system, which keeps the bag closed and secured to the bike. After an initial “just right” fit, removing the bags and reattaching them is quite easy. For transport off the bike, each bag has a built-in carrying handle as well as a detachable shoulder strap.

“Classic design with modern performance” is touted by Kriega and the bags certainly look at home on the Thruxton. Capacity may be on the low side for some, but stepping up to the larger Duo-36 (18 liters per side) will provide additional space. If you subscribe to the less is more approach to most things, the Duo-28 is just right. All the travel essentials—shaving kit, shower shoes, tennis shoes, etc.—fit in one bag, and three changes of clothes (in compression sacks, which are not included) in the other.

The bags are shipped in a compressed format, but after the first use the semi-rigid construction still holds its shape for the most part. However, when the bags are empty, securing them to the bike does compress them. If you wanted to make a trip to the grocery store or use the bags around town, they flap around quite a bit when empty unless they are very tightly cinched. This does result in a less than desirable effect in terms of aesthetics.

The 100-percent waterproof claims were put to the grueling “garden hose test” (e.g., a very strong full blast for 10 minutes) and passed with flying colors. The roll-top closure coupled with the Hypalon and 1000D Cordura construction (two of the most abrasion-and water-resistant materials out there) definitely get the job done.

Kriega Duo Saddlebags
Price: $295 – 315
Sizes: 28 liters, 36 liters
Color: black

Precision Motorcycle Racks
Sizes: available for a variety of makes/models


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