Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tire

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Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra

Replacing the outgoing ME 880 series, Metzeler’s new ME 888 Marathon Ultra tires are designed for cruisers and touring motorcycles.

Using state-of-the-art computerized development programs verified by millions of miles of testing, Metzeler focused on the tire’s profile, structure, and tread pattern and compound, with the goal of increase service life while maintaining (or improving) handling and wet and dry grip.

Compared to the ME 880s, the 888’s contact patches are 15 percent wider and five percent shorter for better force distribution, and rubber compounds, tread design, and structural improvements provide longer life. The tire’s polymer compound has been modified for better abrasion resistance, with a unique resin that boosts grip on wet surfaces. To prevent dropoff of performance as the tires age, an improved mixing process was introduced.

To reduce fatigue, a flatter and wider geometry was developed which directs forces toward the sidewall. The ME 888 also features polyester carcass plies and aramid belts on sizes used for heavier motorcycles.

Extensive front and rear sizes are available. Get them at your local dealer or here.


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