Review: Chain Monkey Chain Tensioning Tool

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Chain Monkey chain tensioning tool

Regular drive-chain maintenance is a necessary evil to ensure prolonged chain and sprocket life, and, of course, rider safety. Most of us fulfill this requirement with a few squirts of lube periodically, and some even give the chain a nice cleaning first. Far less, however, take the time to accurately check the chain tension. Taking slack measurements with a ruler, loosening the axle nut, adjusting the chain tension, tightening the axle nut again, measuring the new slack and repeating these steps until the correct final chain slack is achieved is tedious work and tends to be a commonly skipped part of maintenance.

Tru-Tension developed a nifty tool for simplifying this work and allowing for precise tensioning of the chain. Armed with the bike’s chain size and the factory recommended slack, the required setting for the tool can be derived from a table provided in the tool’s packaging. After setting up the tool, it is put directly on the chain and, based on the setting, it bends the chain into an arc. Next, the chain is tightened until all slack is removed and the wheel is centralized. The tool is then removed, leaving the chain with the optimal amount of slack.

Chain Monkey makes it easy to verify the chain tension and make fast adjustments. A definite must-have for every motorcycle enthusiast with a chain-driven bike.

Chain Monkey Chain Tensioning Tool
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