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Klim Latitude Jacket 5146-002-000I put the Klim Latitude jacket and pants through the ultimate test: riding through steady rain and sleet in Idaho and Wyoming, as well as in the extreme heat of Arizona desert, where triple-digit temperatures are not uncommon.

Referring to any riding gear as “all season” is setting the mark high, but using a mid, base, and outer layering system (not to be confused with liners in this case) is what makes this lofty goal achievable. The Latitude lineup, as with all Klim motorcycle gear, is designed with that in mind.

First introduced in 2012, the Latitude jacket and pants have become a Klim mainstay and have recently seen a few updates. These include a new collar fit—making it possible to fold back the collar for more ventilation—a shortened wrist gaiter, improved zipper pulls and seals around vents, changed pocket direction for easier entry, and a new interior chest pocket.

Setting out in a steady downpour with temperatures in the 40s makes for an interesting start to the day. Knowingly riding into near-freezing temperatures as the rain turns to sleet is an exercise in endurance, not only for the rider but the gear as well. With its GORE-TEX two-layer shell in the main body and GORE-TEX and 840D Cordura laminate in abrasion zones, the manufacturer guarantees the jacket and pants will keep you dry. After having ridden a few hours in some of the wettest conditions I’ve ever experienced on two wheels, I can attest that it lives up to its promise. During this near-underwater expedition, I remained dry. No leaks, no seeps, no fuss. In the cooler weather, layering was key to keeping warm. With the Klim Aggressor 3.0 long sleeve shirt and pants as a base and the Klim Torque jacket as a mid-layer, I was able to stay warm and focused on the road ahead.

Klim Latitude Pant 5147-002-600A week later I set out into the Sonoran Desert, this time to test breathability and ventilation. While it’s safe to say no gear will keep you “cool” when the thermometer reads 96 degrees and climbing, the large vents on both the jacket and pants do a great job of keeping the air flowing. The jacket features two arm and two chest intakes and one rear exhaust vent, while the pants have two thigh intakes and two exhausts. Again, using a layering system is a key component to staying comfortable. Under the jacket, the Aggressor Cool -1.0 long sleeve shirt does the job well. This combination does a better job of keeping me going in the heat than most mesh gear I have tried, all the while offering better crash protection.

The Latitude jacket and pants feature an integrated armor system that meets or exceeds CE Level 1 limb protection. While none of us want to ever test the crash protection of our gear, Klim offers a gear protection guarantee on the Latitude line. If you are involved in a motorcycle crash within the first five years of purchase, they will replace the damaged gear for free. More information is available on Klim’s website.

Storage isn’t an issue as there are 13 pockets (10 jacket, three pants). Sizing is true, and with adjustments possible on the waist, sleeves, wrists, collar, and hems, both items provide a tailored and comfortable fit.

I only have a couple of issues with the Latitude. My rather commonly sized smartphone does not fit into the jacket’s hidden waterproof pocket designed specifically for electronics. I would also like to see more color choices available, particularly something geared toward riding in hot climates, e.g., light gray or tan. Of course, these are small, if not personal, points. With the choice of materials and attention to detail from concept to finished product, the Latitude jacket and pants are top-shelf gear that will provide years of use no matter what you ride or where you ride.

Klim Latitude Jacket
Price: $629.99 – $689.99
Sizes: S – 3XL
Colors: black, blue, hi-viz, and Honda Africa Twin Limited Edition

Klim Latitude Pants
Price: $499.99 – $549.99
Sizes: 30 – 42 / Tall 32 – 40
Colors: black, gray, and Honda Africa Twin Limited Edition

The Mid-Layer:
Klim Torque Jacket
Price: $151.99 – $189.99
Sizes: S – 3XL
Colors: black, blue, gray, navy, orange

The Base Layers:
Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants
Price: $59.99 each
Sizes: S – 3XL
Color: camo

Klim Aggressor 3.0 Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants
Price: $99.99 each
Sizes: S – 3XL
Color: camo


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