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Bridgestone has introduced the brand new Battlecruise H50, their first tire designed exclusively for American V-twin motorcycles. Developed to provide better performance for large cruiser and touring bikes, the Battlecruise H50 is available in three constructions: radial, bias, and belted bias. The tire, only the second model to benefit from Bridgestone’s new R&D facility and their proprietary Ultimate-EYE (U-EYE) process, also features increased tread wear. U-EYE was originally developed for Formula 1 and Moto GP racing tires, and allowed Bridgestone to design the Battlecruise H50 with a reduced contact patch “slip,” resulting in increased overall grip and tire mileage. The rear tire has a larger crown profile, meaning it looks flatter or not as round as others. With this design, extended mileage and grip were achieved without compromising handling. The front tire sports a larger contact patch, which improves handling and traction.

I tested the new V-twin tires during the launch in Orlando, FL, and an Indian Scout Sixty served as the testing machine. Conditions were dry with temperatures in the low 80s. After the kickstand went up the tires seemed ready to ride and offered minimal roll resistance. This gave me confidence right off the bat, which was nice with the ride starting out in city traffic—Florida city traffic nonetheless. The test loop presented a mix of urban riding and some nice sweeping backroads outside of Orlando. Going up Sugarloaf Mountain—a surprising change from the state’s level terrain, with multiple hills and tight corners—provided a good opportunity to push the H50s. The ride included plenty of stop-and-go traffic and a mix of less than ideal pavement. Not once did I feel any slippage in corners or on the rough asphalt. I was able to brake hard when needed, lean deep into turns and bends, and power out confidently every time. The cornering feel of the tire is very linear and offers the ability to keep a smooth progressive line. The Indian Scout Sixty felt comfortable when the road got rough or when I hit any large dips or potholes. Road feedback through the bars was also minimal during rough patches. The Battlecruise H50 certainly targets the customer looking for a performance tire for their American V-twin.

One of the extra comforts it has is the peace of mind of a road hazard warranty that covers eligible tires that may become damaged or unusable from a puncture, impact, bruise, cut, or snag. Restrictions do apply, so check their website or with your dealer.

The Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tire is available in eight sizes for select American V-twin cruiser models. Riders can expect 14 additional sizes for touring-oriented models to come available in early 2018.

Bridgestone Battlecruise H50


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