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This is a DOT and ECE approved modular helmet with an internal sun visor for $150. With these features and such a low price point, there’s no reason not to wear a lid. I wore the Strobe during the summer and fall of 2016 to find out how a less expensive helmet compares, as most helmets I use are above $500. Compared to the competition, the Strobe needed a longer break-in period, but after about a week on the road the stiffness was mostly gone. The removable pads just took some time to soften and mold around my head and facial features. LS2’s website says it fits best for an intermediate oval head shape, which I have, and concur. The Strobe comes in two shell sizes.

A wide field of vision through the scratch-resistant and UV-coated visor is great, especially while touring, and adds a few brownie points for safety. Every helmet I wear on tour has to have a fog insert (call me spoiled, er, “experienced”), and the Strobe comes ready for LS2’s FogFighter and Pinlock inserts.

The flip-up chin bar was also stiff at first. I couldn’t close it with one hand, and I had to use the other hand to hold down the back of the helmet. After several open and close movements, it slid down more easily. It also took about to week to settle in. The latch system of the modular design is all metal, and the one-button action works great to open the front quickly.

Airflow is managed via a large chin vent and inlet at the top. Besides on-road use, I also abused this helmet during some off-road riding to test airflow and breathability. With sweat dripping and heavy breathing, I was very satisfied by the amount of air that circulated through the helmet to keep me fresh and alert. Overall, the Strobe offers a lot of features at a very manageable price. While it did take some time to wear in, this modular LS2 helmet works well for all types of riding. At about 3.5 pounds (1,550 grams) it is also one of the lightest lids on the market.

LS2 Strobe Helmet
Price: $149.95
Sizes: XS – 3XL
Colors: black, matte black, hi-viz yellow, white, Wineberry, Gunmetal, and Civik dark blue and white

Review: Florian Neuhauser


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