Explore Japan on MotoQuest’s Hokkaido Tour

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Japan is on, if not at the top of, every motorcyclist’s bucket list. Thanks to MotoQuest, that dream can become a reality.

For 12 days, from June 6-18, 2017, riders can explore Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest island, on two wheels. Hokkaido offers perfectly manicured scenic roads, large national parks, wildlife, natural hot springs, steaming volcanoes, and “rider houses,” which offer motorcyclists a warm and welcoming place to hang out and share stories and food. The island accounts for 20 percent of Japan’s land but only 5 percent of its population. The tour stops for two nights at each location, letting riders explore each section of the island on his or her own or with the guide.

This tour features all paved roads, which wind through forests, past mountains, rivers, and lakes, and along the coast. The quality of the roads on Hokkaido are exceptional and feature some sections where there there is little or no traffic. The tour begins in Chitose, located in Ishikari Prefecture, home to the biggest international airport in Hokkaido. MotoQuest will meet you at the airport and transport you to Sapporo, where later you’ll join the rest of the riders for a first-class welcome dinner and overnight stay.

All gas, dinners, breakfasts, and tolls are included in the tour price, which starts at $7,550. For available motorcycles, a full itinerary, and other details, check out MotoQuest’s Hokkaido Motorcycle Tour.

Text and Photography: MotoQuest


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