Review: Venture Heat Deluxe Motorcycle Jacket Liner and Carbon Gloves

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Venture Heat jacket linerVenture Heat’s quick-heat technology will get you back to operating temperature in no time. The deluxe jacket liner heats up in 10-15 seconds, giving you the courage you need to take on the elements. A wireless remote easily mounts to your motorcycle for simple and safe microclimate control. Choose from three settings: low, medium, and high. Micro-alloy fiber heating elements are strategically placed around the entire back, the collar, sleeves, and chest.

The lightweight mid-layer liner is 100-percent Nylon with a poly insulation fill. Weather resistant, it’s safe to use in both rain and snow. The form-fitting design offers comfort and mobility, and we recommend wearing it not too loose. Heat is controlled via the wireless remote on your bike or the controller built into the liner, which draws seven to eight amps when set on “high.” Venture Heat notes that owners of 2006 and newer BMW motorcycles should use the included battery harness and 10-amp safety fuse, as the bikes’ CAN bus technology may interfere with the liner’s operation.

Cold-weather gloves can add bulk, but Venture Heat’s carbon pair add protection and warmth without sacrificing dexterity. Made of premium Nappa leather and Nylon, the 3M Thinsulate insulation and breathable and waterproof Dintex membrane help keep you dry. Like the liner, the gloves can be adjusted to low, medium, and high heat. The gloves’ heating elements extend from the back of the hand to each finger. Simply touch the built-in temperature controller to turn it on.

The knuckles feature a carbon fiber composite insert, and XCT (Xtreme Comfort Technology) ensures a flexible, ergonomic fit. The index and thumb on each glove is touchscreen-capable, making it simpler to take a call or use your smartphone navigation when parked.

The jacket liner has cables on the sleeves that plug directly into the gloves. Alternatively, the gloves also come with their own battery connectors, but we can’t think of many reasons to only wear heated gloves. On “high” the gloves draw 2.2 amps.

A variety of options to connect the heated gear to the battery are available ranging from a 12V accessory plug to SAE (think battery tenders) to coax adapter. Other heated layers and accessories are available on Venture Heat’s site, as well.

Venture Heat Deluxe Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner
Price: $299.99
Size: XS – 3XL
Color: black

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Carbon Gloves
Price: $199.99
Size: XS – 3XL
Color: black


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