Kymco’s Noodoe Offers Connectivity for Scooter Riders

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Kymco Noodoe

As motorcycles get smarter, the everyday consumer needs of scooter enthusiasts remains unfulfilled, according to Kymco. With the launch of Noodoe, an app-connected smart dashboard for scooters, the company seeks to empower riders to stay connected, informed, social—and safe.

Understanding that a rider shouldn’t take his or her hands off the handlebar, or eyes off the road, the circular color screen is controlled by three switches next to the rider’s right thumb. Riders can check weather conditions and forecasts, or the speedometer and trip computer, and, if they choose, will be alerted of missed calls, messages, news, and social media updates when the scooter is stopped.

Kymco NoodoeThe “Smart Compass” function offers simple navigation designed not to distract the rider. Destinations are chosen using the Noodoe app, which operates over a Bluetooth connection. The Smart Compass can also help riders locate points of interest, like gas stations or stores, and when traveling in a group riders can use it to stay apprised of each other’s location. It will even help you locate your scooter in a crowded parking lot.

For fun, the Noodoe can even be customized. Using the app, riders can change color and design elements, and even upload a “favorite photo” to appear every time the ignition is turned on.

First launched at EICMA 2016, the dashboard reappeared last week at CES 2017. It will be a standard feature worldwide on the Kymco AK 550 and offered as an option in the U.S. on the company’s Like 150i scooters. It’s set to roll out in the first half of 2017.

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