Review: SW-MOTECH Legend Gear and Ducati Sport Headlight Fairing

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SW-MOTECH Legend Gear

We’re seeing more scramblers on the road and for good reason. They’re small and fun to ride, but above all they look like the motorcycles of yesteryear. There’s no need to make a full-blown touring machine out of one. But with two additions, we greatly improved comfort and functionality of the Ducati Scrambler Classic: Ducati’s Sport Headlight Fairing for wind deflection, and Legend Gear luggage from SW-MOTECH.

Twisted Throttle imports the German luggage. Their website shows a wide variety of Legend Gear combinations, but we chose to stick with a tank strap to hold the 1.2-liter accessory bag, and side carriers to mount the semi-rigid asymmetrical side bags.

The tank strap attaches underneath the seat using the motorcycle’s mounting points, and around the steering head. The belt-like closure system had to be stretched some to fit the farthest loop, but provided a snug fit around the tank while leaving the gas cap accessible. The accessory bag attaches to the unique mounting system made of polyamide straps and loops. It’s large enough to hold a phone, wallet, and sunglasses.

The metal side carriers take less than ten minutes each to install and attach to the subframe underneath the seat. The coated canvas and synthetic leather bags feature a rigid base, but the rest of the body is soft. We opted for the smaller 9.8-liter bag on the exhaust side and the 13.5-liter bag on the left. Beside the practicality, this adds extra style points. The metal hook and loop closure system takes some practice at first; looks trumped usability when it was designed. Between both bags, there’s enough capacity for a Ducati Scrambler windscreenweekend ride with all the comfort layers. Rain covers are included, and we highly advise using them. While the bags are water-resistant, they’re not waterproof. They’re also too good looking to ruin. When they’re removed, the mounting brackets are barely noticeable.

The little windscreen that could is really there for looks. It measures a modest eight inches across and is almost five inches tall. Any help in wind management is an improvement over none, and the Sport Headlight Fairing deflects enough air to make a difference. Installation takes less than ten minutes. While it fits all Ducati Scrambler models, it only comes in the yellow that matches the Icon.

SW-MOTECH Legend Gear Tank Strap: $136.95
1.2 Liter Accessory Bag: $68.95
Side Carrier: $85.95 each
13.5 Liter Side Bag: $272.95
9.8 Liter Side Bag: $247.95

Ducati Sport Headlight Fairing
Price: $152.28
Fits: Full Throttle, Urban Enduro, Icon, Classic, Sixty2


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