RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: U.S. 276, A Hidden Southern Gem

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What is It? As many East Coast riders know, Western North Carolina has some of the best motorcycling roads in America. U.S. 276, however, is one of the less-celebrated routes in the area. It doesn’t have an evocative name, like The Rattler, Tail of the Dragon, Hellbender 28, The Copperhead Loop, or Devil’s Whip. But it does have what serious riders love: lots of tight curves, elevation changes, and scenic vistas.

Scenery: Panoramic overlooks and dramatic waterfalls are in plentiful supply.

Curves: Some of the most challenging sections of the route are the curves up and over the Blue Ridge Parkway and the rapid-fire switchbacks in South Carolina’s Caesars Head State Park.

Traffic: Heavy weekend traffic may be encountered near the Blue Ridge Parkway and around Brevard, NC.

Distance: 62 miles

Time Required: A couple of hours; stop at one of the fine restaurants in Brevard for lunch.

Technical Difficulty: High skill level required—ride prudently. Not recommended for novice riders.

Text: Jim Parks

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