Kawasaki Developing AI for Motorcycles

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Kawasaki AI

Kawasaki recently announced that it’s working on an artificial intelligence system for motorcycles. Not only is the AI being designed to talk and adapt to the rider, advanced technology (the Kanjo Engine, or “Emotion Engine”) would allow it to react to the rider’s speech, tone, and emotions—possibly even have its own personality.

Developed by Cocoro SB, a subsidiary of telecommunications giant SoftBank, the Emotion Engine is designed to grow with the rider. Skill level, riding style, experience, and feedback from the rider help the AI to make suggestions for a ‘safe, enjoyable’ ride. This, along with information incorporated from GPS and other onboard devices, would allow the AI to adjust to rider preferences.

The technology is still fairly new and Kawasaki has yet to specify the system’s capabilities, but it’s expected that power, braking, and more will be adjustable by the AI.

Robotics continue to seep into motorcycling. While Honda has expressed interest in the Emotion Engine, it isn’t clear whether it’d be for use in motorcycles or vehicles. And I think we all remember Yamaha’s MOTOBOT, right?

Source: Kawasaki


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