Review: MondoMotos MM10 Bullet Auxiliary Light Kit (V3)

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Mondo Motos light kit

See and be seen. As motorcyclists this should always be top of mind. Besides wearing colorful gear, the next step in increasing safety is adding accessory lights. They come in all shapes, sizes, and light patterns. What drew me to the MM10s was the reasonable price and straightforward installation.

My ’97 Triumph Tiger is a well-worn machine. Many parts have been replaced at least once. Since I usually ride my own ride, and I mean that literally, I don’t see my own headlights. One day I let someone else ride it. I looked in my rear view mirrors and could barely see the Tiger behind me. A light bulb went off, at least in my own head: I needed to add more eye-catching lighting.

Mondo Motos light kitThe MM10 Bullet is a pair of LEDs about two inches in length, a small size that doesn’t add too much bulk or compromise aesthetics. The Tiger lent itself nicely, as the fairing beneath the headlights offers up two mounting holes. The added MM10s are more or less parallel with the big buggy-eyed headlamps, and the included M6 mounts are universal and should work on most models. As with most electronics, there’s a choice to be made. Powered by ignition, high beam, or directly by battery? I chose to have the lights on at all times when the motorcycle is running. The extra lights are strong enough (comparable to a 50/55-watt halogen) to illuminate the way at night but never at the expense of oncoming traffic. I want to be seen without blinding fellow motorists.

Wiring usually takes the longest, and it was no different during this installation process. MondoMotos supplies instruction on their website. Straightforward, no fuss, weatherproof plug and play harness ranks this install on the easier side.

The MM10s draw only 0.8 amps each at 10 watts. The beam is focused at 25 degrees, which is more straight ahead than off to the sides. I chose the clear lens, but amber filters are optional for $12.50 more. The die-cast aluminum housing is rated IP68 to hold up against dust and submersion in up to 10 feet of water. But I didn’t test the water claim and hope you won’t have to either. After a year on the bike, the lights have survived many rainstorms and bumpy dirt roads, yet they shine like the day I installed them.

MondoMotos MM10 Bullet Auxiliary Light Kit
Price: $119.00


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