RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Push Mountain Road (Aka Arkansas SR-341)

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RoadRUNNER’s Bucket List Roads: Push Mountain Road (Aka Arkansas SR-341)A Memorable Ride in the Ozarks –

Although I have ridden extensively in the Ozarks previously, I recently enjoyed an awesome section of tarmac in north central Arkansas for the first time. SR 341 snakes its way through the Ozark National Forest along mountain ridges with numerous curves, frequent elevation changes, and gorgeous scenery. It’s a favorite destination road for many local and out-of-state riders. The road is technically challenging at speed, but less experienced riders shouldn’t try to ride it fast—respect the road.

Scenery: Panoramic vistas and sheer rock faces abound, but wait for the turnouts to take it all in visually.

Curves: Frequent progression of curves, both sweepers and hairpins. Most of the curves are blind due to thick forest and some are in conjunction with elevation changes.

Road Quality (3 out of 5): The road was a little beat up when I rode it.

Traffic: Usually light.

Distance: Approximately 25 miles.

Time Required: Close to an hour without stops.

Technical Difficulty/Hazards (4 out of 5): There reportedly is at least one food plot for wildlife along the route, so be alert for four-legged critters, which might wander onto the roadway. Although I didn’t see any, logging trucks may be encountered along the route and riders may come upon slower farm vehicles with little advance warning.

Roadside Services: Virtually none, so gas up before starting.



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