Vespa World Days

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Vespa World DaysScooting to the International Party –

Each year the Vespa World Days rally celebrates all things related to the iconic Italian scooter brand. (Fun fact: the word vespa means “wasp” in Italian.) The event takes place in a different city each year; 2014’s Vespa World Days was held in Mantova, Italy while the 2015 event took place in Biograd na Moru, Croatia. The 2016 WVD will go down in Saint Tropez, France. In order to attend you do have to be a member of a national Vespa Club.

The World Days event has garnered an avid following as Vespa Club members from all over the world come together to admire each other’s diminutive mounts and talk all things Vespa. Since the rally moves from place to place (across Europe, at least) many riders turn the VWP into an excuse to take their scoots on a long tour. One pair of intrepid Vespa riders plans to ride all the way from Norway to the 2016 VWD in Saint Tropez—a one-way journey of over 1,500 miles! The 2016 Vespa World Days will take place this coming June.

It’s always interesting to see brand and motorcycle-style specific rallies of all kinds, all over the world. Do you belong to any such organizations and attend their events?

You can find more info on the Vespa World Days here.


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