2015 Baja Rally – Less Than a Month Out

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2015 Baja Rally – Less Than a Month OutRider Information Released –

Perhaps second only to the famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) Dakar Rally, the annual Baja Rally is held in tough terrain on the Baja peninsula and is now just a month away (September 28-October 2). Rally organizers recently released the cryptically named “Statement of Riders’ Essential Information,” which contains all the fundamental info riders will need to successfully enter the race. This includes the schedule of events, service route maps, and key safety requirements. Over 40 riders are expected; many of them seasoned Dakar racers like Quinn Cody (U.S.), Lyndon Poskitt (U.K.), Lawrence Hacking (Canada), and Carlos Gracida (Mexico).

For the first time the “Statement of Riders’ Essential Information” has also been released to the public on the rally’s website www.bajarallymoto.com.

The rally covers nearly 1,000 miles of harsh terrain over four days. Of those, over 600 miles consist of timed, special stages. In such a demanding race, safety is always a major concern. The Baja Rally’s General Director, Scotty Bloom, says, “Safety is our first goal with the Baja Rally and our compulsory elements are unprecedented for racing here in Baja, CA. Because we have four-dozen racers, navigating without course markers, maps, or GPS tracks every rider must carry a working satellite phone and SPOT Tracker. The organization is grateful to have the right communications and safety support from PCI Radios, SPOT, SATMODO, Baja Pits, and Xplore Baja tying it all together.”

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