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DSC_9908It’s been more than a few years since the rise of the “Adventure” bike and several more since Bell Helmets developed the first full-face motorcycle lids back in 1971. In that time the “bucket” that (hopefully) protects our noggins has come a long way in terms of design, materials, and safety.

Fast forward to present day with Bell’s newest offering, an entry into the Adventure/Dual Sport market: the MX-9 Adventure helmet.

There are more than a few choices in the sub – $200 price range and I have tried most of them. What stands out immediately to me about the MX-9 are the graphics and finish; both are top notch. What I really like about this style helmet is the extra visibility afforded by the larger eye port opening (designed to accommodate goggles). What I don’t like is the head buffeting caused by the visor (or peak) at highway speed. Bell addresses this issue by including the necessary hardware to quickly convert the helmet for highway riding. With the visor removed, the MX-9 Adventure takes on a slick “street-fighter” look.

The MX-9 Adventure helmet is both DOT and ECE certified, and while lightweight, feels quite “solid.” Ventilation is good at high or low speed with a large adjustable mouth vent upfront and two vents up top. With summer temps often exceeding 100 degrees in the Southwest, that’s a big plus. The shield is a bit unique with its molded edge and it seals quite well, keeping road noise down a bit more than similar style helmets.

For me the Bell does fall short in a couple areas: first, I have grown quite fond of the quick release retention system on the AFX FX-39 (MX-9 uses the conventional double D-ring style closure) and second, I found the helmet is slightly on the narrow side in regards to fit. These are arguably small and personal gripes, but worth mentioning should you opt to give the helmet a try.

Available in three shell sizes and carrying a five-year warranty, the Bell MX-9 Adventure helmet is a great looking, well made “all-around” helmet whether your next adventure is on or off pavement.

Colors: Various

Sizes: XS – XXL

Price: $189.95 – $199.95 (depending on color/finish)


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