Indian’s Black Bullet Scout

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Indian’s Black Bullet ScoutA Factory Sponsored Custom –

Shockingly the latest factory backed custom creation from Indian does NOT involve Roland Sands. The builder behind this black beauty is Jeb Scolman, who also built the Spirit of Munro for the debut of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

The Black Bullet Scout isn’t really a modified Indian Scout as much as it is an entirely distinct, one-off motorcycle. The only thing Scout about it is the engine. The rest of the bike was completely custom fabricated by Scolman. The motorcycle isn’t just a bike show beauty queen either, it’s designed to take the Scout’s 1,200cc liquid cooled V-twin and see how fast it will go. After it’s displayed at Sturgis, the Black Bullet will head to the Bonneville Salt Flats to see what it can do. It’s worth noting that the Black Bullet makes do with a rear brake only, which enhances its minimalist aesthetic.

What do you think of the Black Bullet Scout and factory sponsored custom motorcycles in general?

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