Second Take Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet

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Second Take Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet Another Look at Shoei’s Modular –

We’ve reviewed the Shoei Neotec before, and quite favorably. However, after I recently wore it during a 1,700-plus mile, eight day tour in temperatures that reached 115-degrees, I thought I would report again on how it faired.

It was hot. Really hot. So hot that opening the visor felt like I had a hair dyer pointed at each eyeball. Thankfully, that individual heat spell didn’t last too long and slightly more pleasant temperatures of “only” 100-degrees or so set in. In this sweltering summer weather I was particularly thankful for two of the Neotec’s primary strengths—airflow and a fantastic inner liner.

Second Take Review: Shoei Neotec Helmet The Neotec’s top vents create a breeze that flows over the top of the head starting about mid-forehead. It then exits out of the rear exhaust vent. This air movement does wonders to keep the interior of the helmet livable when the sun is attempting to cook you alive. The chin vent works well too. The reason that the Neotec’s airflow is worth mentioning is that it’s unusually effective, especially for a modular helmet. In fact, the ventilation feels better than just about every full-face helmet I’ve worn too.

The other feature that helped me survive the inferno is the Neotec’s extraordinarily comfortable liner. Not only does it coddle one’s head for mile after mile producing no pressure points or sore spots (assuming the helmet shape fits your specific head as it does mine), but it also handles the inevitable amounts of sweat produced by the scorching temperatures. Even on the long tour the liner didn’t start to smell or produce any other unpleasant side affects.

In conclusion to this second take, the Neotec continues to impress as one of the best modular helmets money can buy. Admittedly, it’s not cheap but this is definitely one instance where you really do get what you pay for.

Shoei Neotec Helmet
Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: various
Price: $648.99 and up (depending on color)


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