AMA Petition Against E15 Entering Final Stretch

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Gas Pumps and Hoses.The 10,000 Signature Goal is in Sight –

As most motorcyclists are well aware, ethanol is a corn or sugar based fuel additive that is now ubiquitous across the country in the form of E10 (90-percent gasoline, 10-percent ethanol). Ethanol can be harmful to motorcycles and other vehicles due to its adverse affects on the fuel system and higher running temperatures. You can read more about it here. Various ethanol proponents, most notably the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have been pushing for increased use of E15 (85-percent gasoline, 15-percent ethanol) for some time now. The American Motorcyclist Association has been lobbying against E15 for just as long. Recently the Environmental Protection Agency released the Renewable Fuel Standards proposal, which supports increasing the use of E15.

Since then the AMA has been calling for motorcyclist’s signatures on a petition against the EPA’s proposal. The AMA’s Vice President for Government Relations, Wayne Allard, says, “Our goal is to present more than 10,000 signatures supporting our stance against the wrongheaded policies of the EPA and the USDA on this matter. There is nothing more powerful than thousands of riders joining to express their concern with unsafe fuel for their rides.” As of June 19th, the signature total was around 7,800. The deadline for delivering the petition is July 26th. To sign the petition click here.


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