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Review: iXS Carbon Mesh 3 GlovesHigh End Summer Glove –

In warm weather, cloth and mesh have a decisive advantage over leather in breathability and moisture dissipation. However, leather is well known to motorcyclists for offering a great combination of abrasion resistance and grip—both are necessities for a good riding glove. The Carbon Mesh 3s from iXS have leather covering the palm, cuff, and sides of the hand as well as on the tops and bottoms of the fingers. Mesh and textile material is introduced on the back of the hand and in between the fingers. All the materials exude premium quality, and I can find no fault in the glove’s construction.

In the protection department, a large carbon fiber knuckle guard is joined by a smaller carbon fiber piece at the base of the thumb. There’s also extra padding in impact prone areas. I prefer when the pinky and ring fingers are connected to reduce the chance of breaking the pinky. But this is a small quibble; in all the Carbon Mesh 3s provide good protection, especially for a summer glove.

In that regard, the gloves perform very well with a nice breeze pushing its way through the mesh panels and perforated leather. The glove’s partial textile construction also gives the Carbon Mesh 3s perhaps the best dexterity I’ve ever experienced. The iXS Carbon Mesh 3 Gloves certainly succeed at combining first class comfort, especially in hot weather, with good protection for a rider’s hands.

iXS Carbon Mesh 3 Gloves
Color: Black
Sizes: Men’s S-XXXL, Women’s S-XL
Price: $89


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