Review: AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather Jacket

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AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather JacketA Leather Jacket for the Summer Heat –

Racing-style leather motorcycle jackets, while not suited for a diverse array of weather scenarios, are hard to beat in their combination of style, protection, and comfort (when the weather’s right). The AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather Jacket is ideal for summer rides and days at the track.

frontopenThe jacket is made of top-grain leather that’s 1.2 to 1.4mm thick. There’s CE armor in the shoulders and elbows, along with a 10mm-thick foam back pad (though a CE level two back protector is a highly-recommended option). Since this jacket is at home on the track as well as on the street, it sports titanium shoulder cups. The jacket does a good job of keeping the armor in position, even when the rider is moving around a lot (like on a racetrack). Of course, there’s a zipper under the Tornado’s lower back that connects to riding pants, and it works with virtually any pair of zipper-equipped trousers.

The leather covering the jacket’s chest and stomach areas is perforated to allow cooling air to penetrate. Two large zippered exhaust vents on the back allow air back out again. Airflow is good, but if maximum cooling is what one is after, a fully mesh jacket will likely be a better fit. However, for a thick, highly-protective leather jacket, it does an admirable job of keeping the rider comfortable in the heat.

With motorcycle gear the devil is often in the details, and the AGV Sport Tornado does an excellent job of getting these right. The neoprene collar is something riders will start to miss on other motorcycle jackets once they experience it. And the long pulls on the YKK zippers are certainly nice. Two waist adjustment straps allow the fit to be fine-tuned, while the stretch panels on the inner arms and lower back greatly enhance overall flexibility.

AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather JacketOne thing I did find to be slightly annoying was that the Tornado’s wrist openings are very large and can’t be adjusted very much. This makes it difficult, and somewhat uncomfortable, to wear gauntlet-style gloves with the jacket—including AGV Sports’ own Laguna full-length gloves. The flipside is, though, that it works very well with short gloves.

The Tornado has plenty of pockets for a sport-style jacket with two front hand warmer (in name only) pockets and three interior pockets. There’s no removable liner in the Tornado, and the jacket’s interior is lined with mesh to further promote cooling.

Sport jackets tend to be small as they’re intended to fit snugly; however, sizing on the Tornado isn’t quite as tight as most, running closer to normal. The AGV Sport Tornado is a simple, functional leather jacket that works well in mild to warm weather. The quality of materials and manufacturer are first rate, and the jacket exudes premium style and feel—and all for a very reasonable price.

AGV Sport Tornado Perforated Leather Jacket
Colors: Black, Black/White/Blue, Black/White, Black/White/Red
Sizes: Men’s 40-52
Price: $349


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