BMW Concept 101: The Spirit of the Open Road

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BMW Concept 101: The Spirit of the Open RoadBMW’s Take on American Touring –

The Concept 101 was recently announced by BMW and looks like nothing the company has produced before. According to BMW the bike was designed to capture the essence of American touring. The Concept 101 borrows the 1,649cc inline-six from the K 1600 GT and GTL. The “101” in the name comes from the engine’s displacement in cubic inches as well as from the famous California highway with the same number. The Concept 101 was primarily sketched out at BMW’s subsidiary Designworks in Newbury Park, CA, which happens to be near the 101. The bike is a unique styling exercise for the German company with the classic bagger big-wheeled front and low rear. The Concept 101 features a mixture of brushed aluminum and carbon accents with contrasting dark wood veneers along the side. If the 101 does ever make it into production, chances are the finishes will be a tad different.

It should surprise no one that Roland Sands was involved in the Concept 101’s creation as the well known designer has had a cozy relationship with BMW for some time now. The first collaboration between Roland and BMW resulted in the BMW Concept 90, which did make it into production as the R nineT, so perhaps the 101 will make it to production as well.

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