Redverz Solo Expedition Tent

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Redverz Solo Expedition TentJust for You and Your Bike –

Redverz is famous for making tents not just for people, but for motorcycles too. The Redverz Atacama Expedition II, for instance, can fit up to three people and one fully loaded adventure bike. As nice as the Atacama’s roominess is, it’s a bit of overkill for a solo rider. That’s why Redverz recently announced the Solo Expedition tent, designed to fit just one rider along with his or her adventure machine. The Solo is a smaller, lighter package that makes a lot more sense for those who prefer to travel alone.

Though the sleeping quarters are smaller, the tent’s garage space remains the same. When asked about the Solo, Redverz’ owner and founder, Kevin Muggleton says, “The essence of motorcycle travel is simple, stripped down. We ride and camp to feel free. The design of our tents adds to that feeling of freedom, literally giving you room to breathe. Creating a solo version was always on the horizon—it was just a matter of when. The Solo is officially my go-to tent.”

The Solo Expedition is designed to serve through spring, summer, and fall and features high performance water and wind proofing.

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