Review: Sidi Cobra Air Boots

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Review: Sidi Cobra Air BootsSummer Track Boots that Work Great on the Street –

Here in North Carolina winter seems to have broken. My lawn is starting to turn from brown to green, which means I’ll have to dust off the lawn mower soon, but it also means that riding season is finally here. Spring is coming and summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes heat. Waterproof boots are great when it’s raining or cold, but when the mercury rises they can get pretty uncomfortable. The Sidi Cobra Air boots aren’t waterproof because they’re covered in hundreds of tiny holes—holes that let in a healthy breeze that helps keep your feet cool and dry.

The Cobra Airs are ideally suited for clear weather summer rides and weekends at the racetrack. They offer first class protection in the form of a thermoplastic resin heel box and ankle, rear calf armor, nylon shin guard, bolt on replaceable toe slider, and double stitching to ensure it all stays together.

Like other Sidi boots, the Cobra Air has a dual compound sole that’s stiff and shock absorbent for protection while still being flexible enough that walking isn’t uncomfortable. As mentioned above, the boot’s entire upper is made of perforated Technomicro on the outside with a perforated Teflon treated nylon inner lining. The result is that your feet feel the airflow as soon as the motorcycle gets underway. But what you’ll notice most is that after a long day of riding taking off your boots won’t involve turning your head and trying not to breathe.

The Sidi Cobra Air boots have a decidedly sporty look befitting a model that’s just as at home on the track as it is on the road. The boots are secured with a Velcro flap that covers a full-length side zipper. When closed, the top of the boot is still very wide—perfect for tucking in riding pants or leathers, but you wouldn’t want to pair the Cobra Airs with riding jeans.

If you live somewhere warm and dry, like Southern California, the Sidi Cobra Air may serve you well year round, but for the rest of us the Air will work best during the warm summer months when it provides much need relief for hot, sweaty feet. Sidi also has two other Cobra models. The standard Cobra is just like the Air, just without the perforation, while the Cobra GORE-TEX features a GORE-TEX waterproof breathable membrane, but with the premium price to go with it. If you’ve already got your waterproof/cold weather boots, the Sidi Cobra Air makes a great companion for the summer riding season. Your feet will thank you.

Sidi Cobra Air
Color: Black
Sizes: Men’s 6-15
Price: $260 (+$15 for sizes 14-15)

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