Harley-Davidson Mission Open Road

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005Free Riding Academy Training for Military –

To show their appreciation for America’s servicemen and women, Harley-Davidson will offer free Riding Academy motorcycle training to all active duty military, reservists, retirees, and veterans. The “Learn to Ride” program will fittingly start on Armed Forces Day, which is May 16. The program will wrap up September 13. For military personnel currently stationed outside the country, Harley-Davidson will honor the program if the prospective trainee submits a “Learn to Ride” form before the program’s conclusion. Those stationed in the U.S. can simply go to their local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit www.h-d.com/militarylearntoride. In the event there’s no Learn to Ride classes offered in a soldier’s area, Harley-Davidson will make up for it with a gift card for the value of the training.

Christian Walters, a veteran and Harley-Davidson’s director of U.S. Sales and Marketing, says, “For us at Harley-Davidson this is our way to thank the millions of people who have courageously defended our country and everyone’s personal freedom to ride.”


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