Motorcycle Awareness Month

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Motorcycle Awareness MonthAMA Promotes Rider Safety –

The American Motorcyclist Association has dubbed May to be Motorcycle Awareness Month. Throughout the month the AMA is seeking to raise awareness for the prevention of distracted driving and the promotion of training for both riders and drivers. The AMA’s president and CEO, Rob Dingman, says, “The warmer weather in May brings out the riders who have been unable to ride all winter, so it presents an excellent opportunity for us to educate the non-riding public about the safety issues that affect motorcyclists every time we roll out of our driveways or onto a trail. The AMA is monitoring more than 1,124 state and federal bills that would affect motorcycling safety or motorcyclists’ rights, including many that deal with rider safety.”

Among other things, the AMA is lobbying for legislation that would provide for greater penalties when distracted driving causes a crash. In addition, the AMA continues to advocate for advanced rider training courses that improve motorcyclist’s skills and proficiency at avoiding accidents.

Motorcycle Awareness Month got its start in the early 1980s and has served as a way of focusing attention on motorcycle specific issues every year since.


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