Review: Gordon’s Heated Jacket Liner and Heat Controller

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Review: Gordon’s Heated Jacket Liner and Heat ControllerWinter may be in its final throws and riding season may be upon us, but in much of the country the morning commute is still mighty cold—certainly where I live at least. When temperatures are in the 30s or lower, heated gear is really the only solution that can truly keep you warm.

Gordon’s Heated Clothing is the current endeavor of the Gerbing family (of Gerbing heated gear). The family lost Review: Gordon’s Heated Jacket Liner and Heat Controllerthe original company due to medical issues, but Gordon’s is their rebirth. It’s a simple, American company with just three products, a heated jacket liner, heat controller, and heated gloves. I got to test the first two on a particularly cold March morning. Like most heated gear, the Gordon’s Heat Clothing attaches to the bike’s battery via ring connectors. A small weather proofed plug can then be placed for easy access and the Heat Controller then plugs into this when it’s needed. The controller has two plugs, one for the jacket liner and one for gloves. It also has a separate switch for each.

A zippered pocket on the bottom of the liner’s left side houses plugs that attach to the Heat Controller allowing you to stow them away when not in use. The wires for the gloves extend out to the sleeves where a zippered pocket on each wrist keeps them secure.

Gordon’s recommends that you wear the jacket under some sort of windproof barrier, whether it’s your outer jacket or a windbreaker. I didn’t do this, as my outer jacket was not windproof. However I was still very impressed by the amount of heat generated by the jacket liner. When I left the mercury read 35-degrees and the sun was still beneath the horizon. The top half of my body remained toasty and warm though the same can’t be said for the rest of me.

The liner itself is a good-looking piece with nice materials and a quality feel. Heating is very even; I didn’t notice any hot or cold spots, just overall warmth. There’s five different heat levels selectable on the Heat Controller, and it can be difficult to tell where you are in that range. A light next to the switch blinks at a certain rate denoting the current setting. The faster the blinking, the more heat, until a solid light indicates max power. For those wondering just how much spare power their bike will need, the jacket draws 90-watts and the gloves will add on another 20. The Heat Controller is also compatible with other brands of heated gear.

The Gordon’s Heated Jacket Liner and Heat Controller do their job well, though the Heat Controller and wires are a bit bulky. That, however, is a small price to pay for the difference between a brutally cold ride and a pleasant one.

Gordon’s Heated Jacket Liner
Color: black
Sizes: custom
Price: $239

Gordon’s Heat Controller
Price: $110


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