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Honda Financial Service Presents Loyal Owner With 55th Honda MotThere’s brand loyalty, and then there’s brand loyalty. Octogenarian Harry Adler has owned no fewer than 55 Hondas since he began riding in 1963. Forty-eight of those he purchased from the same dealer, Horner Honda in Salisbury, MD. Currently the 84 year old owns eight motorcycles, all Hondas, as well as some Honda power equipment. In gratitude for his unparalleled loyalty, David W. Paul, American Honda Finance Corporation Senior Vice President, traveled to Horner Honda to personally hand Mr. Adler the keys to that 55th Honda, a CB300F.

The gift is a fitting reward for Adler’s incredible loyalty both to Honda and to his local dealer. At the bike’s presentation, Adler said, “Over the years, my number-one form of recreation has been motorcycle riding, and based on my experience, Honda is the best. They make a great product, and the people that represent the company are wonderful. The dealers that I’ve been in contact with over the years have always been very responsive and taken really good care of me, especially Horner Honda, which I’ve used for the last 20 years. The CB300F was sort of the one bike that I was missing in my portfolio, and this gift was quite a surprise. I look forward to riding the bike.”

David Paul responded, “We’re thrilled to be able to recognize Harry’s longstanding commitment to both the Honda brand and Honda Financial Services. It’s truly a pleasure for us to be able to present Harry with his 55th motorcycle, a new Honda CB300F. We hope his new bike brings him years of riding pleasure and adds to the enjoyment Honda products have already given him over the years. We love having Harry as part of the Honda family.”

What’s your brand of choice? Could you ever be as loyal as Harry?


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