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IMG_4466Most motorcyclists own multiple pairs of gloves as (perhaps more than any other piece of motorcycle gear) gloves tend to be more focused to their specific use. In fact, I never go on tour without bringing at least two pairs, one for the best-case weather scenario and one for the worst. The Laguna Gloves from AGVSport are definitely best case scenario hand wear. The leather on the sides of the gloves and in between the fingers is perforated and small plastic vents on the knuckles flow an admirable amount of air for a glove this protective. Speaking of protection, the Lagunas are a full race-style gauntlet glove made of thick cowhide with carbon fiber knuckle guards and a plethora of other protective hard parts. The leather is doubled up on the palm and over the pinky for an added layer of abrasion resistance.

A Velcro wrist strap cinches the glove in place while a two flap closure secures the glove’s gauntlet over your jacket sleeves. While this setup gives a snug, tight fit it’s a bit of an elaborate process befitting the glove’s racetrack orientation. For street riders who will be taking the gloves on and off more often it may be a slight annoyance.

The build and material quality of these Italian gloves is flawless. Not a stitch is out of place and the materials exude a premium feel. They’re comfortable too. The fingers are pre-curved for a natural grip on the bars, but not so much that flexibility suffers. In fact, an accordion leather panel on the back of the wrist allows the glove to expand and contract according to the rider’s wrist movements. For a substantial, highly protective glove dexterity is excellent.

For riders looking for a warm weather glove for use on the track and/or street, the AGVSport Laguna offers top notch construction, comfort, and protection—and for just under $100!

AGVSport Laguna Gloves
Colors: black, blue, red, and yellow
Sizes: S-XXL
Price: $99


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