SHOEI Introduces Transitions Lenses

Mar 21, 2015 View Comments by

Transitions_shieldIf you wear eyeglasses you’re most likely somewhat familiar with Transitions Lenses. These trick pieces of glass remain clear in low light but get progressively darker as sunlight increases, removing the need for wearers to carry two sets of glasses. SHOEI has just announced a partnership with Transitions Optical, maker of the Transitions Lenses. The result is the SHOEI Transitions CWR-1 adaptive face shield made to fit the SHOEI RF-1200 helmet. The CWR-1 will automatically adjust to the light conditions encountered by riders between completely clear at night to very dark in bright sun. The lenses also offer 100-percent UV protection.

President of SHOEI Safety Helmet Corporation, Moichi Tsuzuki, says, “Our retail customers as well as our dealer-distribution network have been asking us for a top-of-the-line adaptive shield for years. We are excited for the added value the Transitions shield will bring to our customers and for the enhanced visual experience they will now have while riding. Being able to see perfectly in all lighting conditions is optimal for both safety and for a more fun, enjoyable ride.”

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability. Check for more info.


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