Motorcycles and Photography: Unexpected Opportunities

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Motorcycles and Photography: Unexpected OpportunitiesThe combination of photography and motorcycling can be addictive, and it wasn’t until I starting writing for RoadRUNNER that I discovered the appeal of having a camera at the ready while riding. My attempt at a budget, rainproof GPS case was a miserable failure, but I kept the ten-dollar waterproof box mounted above the handlebar clamps for cell phone and camera use.

I was on a tour in Pennsylvania’s elk country a few years ago, and stumbled on a rare photo opportunity when we spotted a large bull elk wandering near the road. The elk became somewhat shy as we turned the bikes around, and was on a steady but not terribly hurried course to some cover as I managed to get my hands on the camera and take a couple of shots. They weren’t anywhere near the quality that I could have gotten when he was closer to the road, but they weren’t all that bad either.

I give complete credit for the shot to my ability to get the camera in my hands swiftly, and wonder how many other riders regularly take a camera along for the ride. Where do you keep your camera for quick access, and what unusual shots have you been able to take on short notice?


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