Review: Hepco & Becker Junior 40 Hard Case Set and Side Carriers for 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

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P1060771Is Suzuki’s new V-Strom 1000 an adventure bike, standard, or a bit of both? It doesn’t matter what you call it, so long as you outfit this two-wheeled chameleon with some quality accessories and rack up the miles. Hard luggage is a great place to start when personalizing your bike, and among Hepco & Becker’s wide selection of luggage, the Junior Hard Cases, available in both 30 and 40-liter sizes, offer a well-balanced blend of rugged durability, style, and function. Approximate external dimensions of the 40-liter cases is 11.4-inches high, 19.3-inches wide, and 11.8-inches deep.

P1060770The Junior Hard Cases are constructed from tough, high impact ABS plastic, and the exterior of the double-walled case is molded with an attractive textured finish that should hide abuse well. Viewed from the side, the cases are basically rectangular in shape, with just enough rounding of the corners and contouring to give them an attractive, understated styling that complements the motorcycle. The interiors of the side-load cases are equipped with a fixed elastic strap across the inside of the cover and two adjustable elastic straps with clip closures in the main luggage area to help secure the case’s contents.

The perimeter of the case lids have a rubber seal that offers excellent water and dust protection, and the closure latches may be left locked or unlocked as desired. The cases lock onto the side carriers, and a handle on each one allows easy portability when removed from the bike.

Installation of the side carriers is a fairly simple affair, with my installation taking slightly over an hour. I recommend reading the instructions and separating the hardware into piles of like parts prior to starting the work. The fit and finish of both the cases and side carriers was perfect, and all parts lined up well without the need for adjustment.

P1060776One notable feature of the side carriers is the use of three (per side) Lock-it screws, which are part of Hepco & Becker’s innovative Lock-it System, that secures the side carriers to smaller, unobtrusive adapters that are bolted securely to the bike’s frame. This unique Hepco & Becker feature allows the side carriers to be quickly removed and the bike returned to near-stock appearance when the bags are not needed. An Allen wrench is used to turn the Lock-it screws one-quarter turn to attach or release the side carriers. The screws are located behind the cases, so they cannot be accessed while the cases are on the bike. Once installed, I was very impressed with the rigidity of the entire case and mounting system.

Finishing touches include optional fitted case liners and anti-theft devices (one per side recommended) to prevent theft of the side carriers when the cases are off the bike. The side carriers accept all Hepco & Becker cases, so if riders would like to purchase different side cases for varied uses, it can be done easily. For longer trips or for those needing even more carrying capacity, Hepco & Becker also offers a matching topcase, which comes in a 40- or 54-liter size.

Hard Case Set
Color: Black
Price: $542.44

Side Carrier
Color: Black
Price: $325.79

Junior 40 Topcase
Color: Black
Price: $246.72


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