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BATTLAX_T30R.jpegBridgestone’s press release on the BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 tire includes multiple references to the tire’s MotoGP development. No doubt there is some crossbreeding with race tires in the T30’s family tree, but make no mistake; this radial, tubeless tire belongs on the road and nowhere else. The tire strikes a wonderful middle ground between wet and dry grip and long life. The front tire is a single compound while the rear has harder rubber in the center for longer wear and a softer compound on the sides for better grip.

I installed this set of Bridgestones on my Suzuki SV650. I now have enough experience with them to offer a few observations.

I’ve ridden some heavier bikes shod with Bridgestone BATTLAXs before and, though I was impressed by the tires’ performance, they seemed to wear out rather quickly. However, after 2,000 miles on my SV, the T30s look barely broken in. I’m expecting to get at least another 8,000 miles out of them at this rate.

That brings me to performance. The first true test of the BATTLAXs came during RoadRUNNER’s annual Touring Weekend last year in Snowshoe, WV. The weekend included plenty of technical mountain roads with some rain and less-than-stellar pavement to boot. Not once, even when wet, did I feel any tire slippage at all. I was able to brake hard when needed, lean deep into corners, and power out confidently every time. In fact, I haven’t noticed that the Bridgestones have any less grip than the Metzeler Roadtecs that were previously on the bike, which wore out much more rapidly than the T30s.

The BATTLAX T30 from Bridgestone is an excellent choice for a touring or naked bike rider, particularly if your motorcycle is on the lighter side. It resides at the intersection of performance, tread life, and price. The T30 is available in a wide variety of sizes including a GT series for larger, heavier sport touring machines.

Sizes: various
Price: $220 – $275 per set


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